Fall Arrest Systems

Sial – lifelines and fall arrest systems

SI.AL. srl is a company that manufactures lifelines and fall arrest devices widely acknowledged as a point of reference in the safety sector and prevention of falls from a height.
This recognition has been achieved thanks to the quality of the company's products, a quality witnessed by the portfolio of 38 patents and 16 registered trademarks boasted by SI.AL. srl, and to the constant efforts of the Search and Development Department that has always been involved in the study of innovative solutions in order to solve the problems that could raise in building sites.
The entire production of SI.AL. srl takes place in a factory which has a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and it’s covered by special insurance policies with a coverage cap of 10 million euros.
Thanks to the competence of our staff and the highly-qualified collaborators network, the professionals in the safety sector find in SI.AL. srl the right partner to offer them all the tools and knowledge for operating in full compliance with standards and...at the right price!

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